About This Blog

Before looking at any of my post, you must read this to understand where my posts are coming from.

I am a missionary kid (MK) from South America. I was born in North Carolina, raised for ten years in Peru, graduated from high school in Ecuador, and am now attending college in Virginia. My parents, Rich and Elisa, became missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) in 1994 and said they would serve in any role except as youth pastors. They went to language school in Costa Rica for six months and then moved to Lima, Peru where my sister Michaela was born. Then, we moved to Trujillo, Peru, where my parents did what they said they would never do — they became youth pastors at a church. My brother Josiah was born in Lima a little less than two years after that.

As missionaries, my parents needed to raise support for their ministry. So in order to do that, we moved to the United States for a year after four years of being on the mission field. This was called a “home assignment.” My dad would travel all over the states speaking at churches while my mom took care of us for the time he was gone. He usually traveled during the summer, so he was there for us when we were in school. There were only a few occasions where he had to leave in the middle of the school year. It was during our home assignment in 2000 while we were living in South Carolina where my youngest sister Alexa was born, completing our family.

We moved to Quito, Ecuador after our 2004-2005 furlough in Georgia. A year later, my parents founded the organization Inca Link which focuses on sharing the gospel to the youth in Latin America. One of the ways they do this is through a Peruvian band called Corban. My mom joined the band while we were still living in Peru and is still a part of the band today.

My family is currently still living in Ecuador, with the exception of Michaela, who is attending a university in Texas.

This blog details some of the adventures I experienced while living overseas as an MK. All of the stories played a significant role in my life and if I were given the opportunity to repeat any of my experiences, I would not change a thing. So, if you are thinking about becoming a missionary and are not sure how it will impact your children (if you decide to raise a family on the mission field), this blog will give you an idea of what it was like. Enjoy!

Lovely Family

My family (left to right): Rich, Elisa, Michaela, Olivia (Me), Alexa and Josiah.



One thought on “About This Blog

  1. Way to go, Olivia!!! Thanks for being so transparent and brave in being willing to share your experience as an MK! Many will be educated through your eyes and your life! Many will be blessed how God has been molding you into His image, with godly character and attitudes! Thank you! You have the coolest parents! Very brave, very natural, down-to-earth, love the Lord and dare to do many others for Him that others wouldn’t dare nor are interested in doing them for His sake! I love them a lot and thank God every time I think of and pray for them! May the Lord continue to bless and use each one of you as you live and serve Him, the King of glory!!! love you…


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