A mouthful of stitches (part 3)

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Virginia, USA – Lack of wisdom (teeth)

While visiting my family in Ecuador for Christmas after my first semester of college, my parents convinced me to visit the dentist there because it is much cheaper than in the United States. I just went to find out if I had any cavities that needed to be filled, but instead the dentist told me I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed. Continue reading


Homework Assignment – blogger interview

This is not part of my actual blog, this is for a class.

Blogs have been around for about 10 years now, and there are over 200 million blogs on the Internet today. I interviewed Micah Jones, who created his blog in February of 2013. He has always been very passionate about movies and when people began asking him for a Christian perspective on different movies, he decided to create a blog where he could share his thoughts and analysis on those movies. Though the hardest part for me was coming up with a name for my blog, it was the easiest part for Jones. He named the blog Movie Micah for obvious reasons. Continue reading

A mouthful of stitches (part 2)

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Quito, Ecuador – A bad car accident

One difference that many people will point out between Ecuador and the United States is the concept of personal space, and this can be seen the most with driving. Because of the unconcern, traffic in Ecuador is more dangerous and requires drivers to be more alert to what is going on around them.

Despite the increased risk, my family has only been involved in three car accidents in the nine years they have been living there. I was there for two of them and was only badly hurt in one. Continue reading

A mouthful of stitches (part 1)

The human body is very fragile. Breaking a bone or getting stitches at some point in your life is not that uncommon; and if you are accident-prone, you know it does not matter where you are, accidents are going to happen. I know this to be true but not because I am accident-prone, but because my mouth always takes the worst damage in an accident.

I know that sounds really weird, but let me explain. From the time I was 5 years old until I was 20, I got more than 20 stitches in my mouth because of three different accidents (well, one was a medical procedure that I will explain later), and all of them happened in three different countries. Here is what happened the first time: Continue reading

Angels have a driver’s license

It started out as a normal day in Trujillo, Peru. My parents woke Michaela and I up to get ready for school at around 6 a.m. while they got Josiah ready for day care. I believe I was 5 years old at the time. We all got in the car and got dropped off at school a few minutes later. Before dropping off Josiah, my parents stopped by Merpisa (Trujillo’s smaller version of Wal-Mart) to get some groceries. On the way there, they noticed that the people around them were rushing everywhere-a very uncommon thing in Latin culture. Everyone was crowding the grocery store or running inside their homes. My parents did not know what was going on, but they decided to follow the crowd. Continue reading